DragonCon is approaching! Follow our path to the one of the biggest and best sci-fi / fantasy / pop culture conventions in the world! And, during the convention itself, we'll be blogging live and posting photos as it happens! Enjoy!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Well, we're home safe and sound. Pardon the gap between posts, but our internet access at the hotel ran out before we could post again! At any rate, the last of the DragonCon pictures are uploaded, the convention is over, and it's back to the old grind tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.. This won't be the last post, however.. As the official DC picture gallery and other DC galleries become available, I'll drop a link in here.

Maybe this blog will become "The Road to Celebration III".. who knows?

Thanks again.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hey everybody, I see my pictures have been getting some pretty good hits! Thanks for looking, and I hope it gives you a little slice of what it's like to be here.

Even though the convention is still going on tomorrow, we'll be leaving for home in the morning. I'll be posting the rest of the pictures this evening, including lots of celebs and more amazing costumes.

We grabbed a few autographs and spent a little cash with the dealers, and had at least 8,902 pictures taken of our daughter in her costume. She may beat Cindy Margolis' record by Wednesday! :)

Highlights so far: Star Wars EpIII presentation, Debi Derryberry (voice of Jimmy Neutron at al.), Ray Park (did NOT charge me for an autograph! How cool is that!), Fifth Element costumes, George Lowe (voice of Space Ghost, hilarious!) and of course, Anne McCaffrey.

(a little) More to come!

This morning we did the 501st Legion group photo, preceded by a march from the adjoining Marriott Hotel, through the Hyatts and onto the streets of downtown Atlanta. Look for the pics in the new gallery in the photo section.

After an incredible brunch, we visited some celebs, and now we're headed to the dealers' room for one final financial romp. More photos to come!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

What a day! After the morning parade with the other clubs, celebs and the 501st (and my new boots slicing my feet to ribbons), it was troopin' around with the other costumers posing for photos with kids and adults alike. The lobby became incredibly crowded with costumed attendees, some of which you'll find in the photo section. First link on the right!

I attended the Star Wars presentation (originally it was to be presented by Steve Sansweet, but Mary Franklin, who also works with LFL's fan relations took over the duty).. Lots of great clips from the upcoming OT DVD's, plus, of course, some excellent behind the scenes stuff from EpIII.

My 3 year old daughter got in on the costuming craze by wearing her Toy Story "Woody" outfit, complete with Bullseye the horse. She's been a big hit, I'm sure her pictures will be scattered across the internet soon. She posed with a few celebs at the Walk of Fame, they'll posted on the pics page soon.

The parties picked up like crazy as the evening went on, even now I can hear the rumble of a lobby full of fans all the way up here on the 18th floor. The costumes and activities get pretty risque, but don't worry, those pics won't be posted! (ask me later)

The 501st is doing the group photo in the morning (Sunday), but keep watching for updates and more pics during the day.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Last post of the day! Check out the new pics and ejoy! See you again late night Saturday or Sunday morning!

The dealers and exhibitors' rooms are amazing... I'm wanting to spend tons of money I don't have! More on that later...


New pics of amazing costumes! Click the picture link on the right..

I just posted a couple of pictures (bad lighting, distance and a corrupt flash card prevented me from taking more at the time) to a new gallery. There's a new link to the right so you're always a click away! Many more to come!

We just finished hearing from Peter Davison of Docto Who fame, and next is author Anne McCaffrey. No Wi-Fi signal in that room, so you'll just have to wait for pics!

Well, we made it! The first events start today at 1:00pm EST.

Unfortunately, the DragonCon website listed the Hyatt as having free internet access, but that was WRONG! It's $9.95 a day, but after all this planning I felt I had to go through with it. I'll be blogging and posting pics during the day, but NOT tomorrow, as the 501st Legion's "Droid Hunt" will be consuming my time (plus the fact that it's hard to type in my TIE Fighter Pilot costume).

Last minutes changes! RAY PARK, Darth Maul himself is here!!

see you soon...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

This is it! We're hitting the road this very moment! Time to pack up this computer and head South! See you (virtually or literally) there! :)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's the day before our departure, and all is calm.. yeah, right. :)

Tying up loose ends at the ol' day job, packing and trying to remember every little thing is going to push us to the edge today, but we'll survive. My 3 year old is just as excited as I am, so I know we're all going to have a good time.

The actual schedule of events is now posted at the DragonCon website, and we've already printed and highlighted it, which is usually a ritual reserved for the first day of the con. I'm sure some lat minute changes will keep us on our toes.

To everyone going, see you there! To those unable to attend, keep watching for updates during the con!

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